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World Youth Day 2013

Watching World Youth Day was inspiring and exciting.  To see over 3 million people in humble adoration to Christ in the Blessed Sacrament really recharged my battery.  Knowing that they were mostly youth from all over the world is even more encouraging.  It was such a striking image to see all the flags from various countries scattered throughout the crowd.  It was an awesome demonstration of the universality of the Church.  It was a hopeful scene.

Pope Francis’ spoke so eloquently to the youth in his homily.  I myself needed to hear his words.  “Go, do not be afraid, and serve!”  We need to be bold and fearless.  Not offensive and abrasive, but firmly gentle about what we believe, why we believe it, and what difference it makes to us and the world.  We can talk all we want, however.  Without the actual service, our words lose their meaning.  Just find a way to serve Christ and do it without fear.  Profound simplicity.

I love being Catholic!


And The Truth Will…Make You Feel Good?

There is, as far as I can tell, no “great commission” to spread the New Age message.  There was no single founder of the New Age movement that said, “Go into all the world making New Age disciples of all nations.”  Thus, it seems ironic to me that there are so many people willing to “spread the New Age word” by posting messages on social media and the bumpers of their cars.  The Disciples of Christ spread the Gospel not simply to voice their beliefs, express their opinions or make people feel good, but because Jesus commanded them to do so.  They also mostly died in the process.

We now live in a world of relativism where “truth” is subject to the individual’s whim.  People no longer want to seek the truth, find it and die for it.  Rather, people want to believe whatever feels best to them and call it truth.  Then they seek validation of that truth from others who also feel good about it.  One can post a New Age quote or sentiment on Facebook, for example, and the more “likes” it receives the more “true” it must be.  This is truth based on feelings and popular concenses, not divine revelation.

There are elements of truth sprinkled throughout different religions and philosophies.  One of the beautiful things about Catholicism is its ability to assimilate these truths and include them within the deposit of divine revelation.  Hence, Catholicism is not one belief pitted against all other beliefs, but an inclusive Faith that recognizes truth, filters it and places it in its proper order.

Ultimately, truth is not a feeling or a philosophy but the person, Jesus Christ.  The world has largely “domesticated” Jesus and turned Him into just another feel-good, New Age, religious guru who taught some nice stuff.  But, that is not the radical, subversive, divine Jesus that was killed for all the trouble He stirred up.  That is not the Jesus that the Apostles died following.  They knew Him best.  They knew the Truth.  Truth doesn’t always “feel” good.  There is suffering involved at some point.  People want Jesus, but not His cross.

Before you post some “spiritual truth” on social media, you might ask yourself, “Am I willing to die for what I’m about to post?”  Is it really the Way the Truth and the Life?  Or, is it just a way to make me feel good?